Turning Toward Radiance

I recently paid a visit to the nuns at Aloka Vihara. They are ordained women in the Thervadan Buddhist tradition who are starting a new monastery in the northern hills of California. While I was there they spoke about their home and so many unknowns in their future. So when I was asked to give a talk, I chose to speak about the unknown, and how to practice with the uneasiness that might arise in those circumstances. Deep bows to the nuns for their warm hospitality and sincere practice, and for being willing to be pioneers of the ancient Way.


cave buddhas


2 responses to “Turning Toward Radiance

  1. CatherineStenzel


    CatherineStenzel here, one of your classmates in the Dogen study. You have a very interesting profile. You can read mine, if you wish, on the Moodle site. I wanted to let you know that something I didn’t put into my profile was my experience as a County Victim Services Director in rural, northern Minnesota. This work appears to run somewhat parallel to some of your work in the area of sexual abuse. Just wanted you to know our parallel path in that sense.​ I look forward to discussions in the context of Dogen,
    In gassho, CatherineS

    • Hello Catherine S., regarding sexual abuse, it sounds like you are much more the expert than I. Thank you for sharing a bit more about your background. I hope we can get to know one another a bit more as the class unfolds. Bowing, Konin

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