Receiving the Sutra in a Subtle Way

fish brush painting

Receiving wisdom moment by moment, the student takes it in as the flow of brush over paper…

Shakyo or the practice of copying Buddhist sutras using brush and ink is a time honored tradition. It brings us into an encounter with the teachings without engaging the analytical mind. Slowing down, breath by breath, finding the subtle curves and sharp points of the characters, we concentrate for a few short hours on bringing a sutra into the world.

Konin will be offering a sutra copying workshop this coming Saturday at San Francisco Zen Center’s City Center. See the Schedule on the right hand side of this page for more information, and a link to registration. It’s not too late to enroll.


10 responses to “Receiving the Sutra in a Subtle Way

  1. One of my favorite activities. Wish I could be there for your workshop, Konin.

  2. Would have loved to have you, Choro. Maybe another time.

  3. Wish I could attend… I work Saturdays but will be thinking about you. My friend from Canada, Emmanuelle will be there. It would have been doubly nice in that way, plus I love calligraphy.

  4. Hi Catherine, that’s good feedback for planning future dates. Looking forward to meeting your friend. Be well, K.

  5. Konin, I noticed one of your tweets as regards women’s equality in Soto Zen. Here I write “women’s equality” in Chinese characters: 妇女平等

  6. A good idea in any language!

  7. 1,000 blessings for your journey to the Sakyadhita International Conference on Buddhist Women!!

  8. Thanks so much, Sarah. It’s been many years that I’ve wanted to go and now it seems that it will become a reality.

  9. Just wondering if subtle way is an expression used in Zen?

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